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"An exciting journey in the Jurassic Era"

An unforgettable travel back in time to the Mesozoic Era, over 250 million years ago. Back then, the Earth was completely different from how we know it today and dinosaurs were the absolute rulers of the planet. Over 30 reproductions of these incredible creatures will be displayed at  Complesso Paganelli, Firenze - Viale Alessandro Guidoni, 208 . Come and visit us!

The creatures were designed and built with the expert consulting of a team of paleontologists. Thanks to them, the reproductions are absolutely faithful not only with regard to their size and look but also to their movements and cries. Dinosaur Invasion offers a unique and immersive experience, where you can learn about the evolution, the classification and the habitat of these animals while having fun. At the end of the exhibition, a big learning by playing area is designed for children to simulate archaeological excavation work. As an option if you wish a richer experience, you may rent an audio or videoguide or you may book a guided tour to know all about these mysterious and fascinating creatures. Dinosaur Invasion is mostly for children but suitable for all ages and families. It sets out to be challenging for most of the recent scientific discoveries in the field of genetics or so. Who knows? Maybe one day, not too far from today, dinosaurs will really come back,truly live as Dinosaur Invasion!


Over 230 millions years ago, on a primordial planet, nature created gigantic and powerful creatures. For over 175 million years, dinosaurs ruled the planet up until the creation of one of the most terrible living beings ever, the T-Rex. 12 metres of length, 7 tonnes of weight, the T-Rex was incredibly fast and agile. It was the top of the food chain, THE dinosaur per excellence, symbol of a world where humankind would have never been able to evolve, thrive and become eventually sapiens.


Even testing its power during the Mesozoic Era, nature didn’t take into consideration the ultimate master: the Universe. The world living beings were reduced by 3/4 due to mass extinctions. During the Cretaceous-Paleogene Era (66 million years ago), the Earth was hit by an asteroid and it took almost a century for the ecosystem to be apt for life again. The dinosaurs disappeared and the planet slowly became what we know today, a place where human activities could flourish. Not everything went lost: skeletal remains and fossils are the traces that allow us to imagine and study this lost world, with echoes that can still be found in today’s ecosystems.