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An unforgettable travel back in time to the Mesozoic Era, over 250 million years ago. The Earth was completely different from how we know it today and dinosaurs were the absolute rulers of the planet. In 1842, the British palaeontologist Richard Owen used the term dinosaur for the first time, from the old Greek words deinòs ‘frightful’ and sàuros ‘lizard’.

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the exhibition



Over 30 specimens of natural size, animated with the sophisticated ANIMATRONICS ™ technology.
Faithful life-size reproductions of these great creatures, designed and built on the basis of a team of expert paleontologists: thanks to their work it was possible to faithfully reproduce them not only in appearance, but also in movements and "behaviors" these intelligent robots of "live" dinosaurs.
DINOSAUR INVASION offers the visitor a unique, fun and engaging experience, which does not overlook the important scientific and educational aspects thanks to in-depth studies on the evolution, classification and habitat of these animals.
At the end of the journey that lasts about an hour, a large area dedicated to Edutainment with interactive games, laboratories with an archaeological site built for the search for fossils, an experience to do for all children. Attached coffee shop for parents' relaxation.

You can visit the route with the aid of audio and video guides or book a guided tour, which will enrich the experience narrating the incredible curiosities and the most important secrets about the fascinating world of dinosaurs!

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